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Johnny Bravo is the titular chief protagonist of the series

Voiced From the

Their low, boorish, and you will dim-witted traits end in an incorrigible failure to attract people, and getting beaten up by her or him or just in the people, as a flowing fun regarding collection.

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Johnny wears a black colored shirt, bluish trousers, black colored sneakers, gelled up blonde tresses, and his signature spectacles. He’s an incredibly muscle generate, that is certainly exaggerated in size. Since noticed in “Bravo Dooby-Doo”, Johnny keeps black, dotted vision, much like the other human beings.


Johnny Bravo is actually a very dim-witted, ill-mannered and you may inconsiderate beefcake. He is extremely laden with himself, constantly examining decorative mirrors and you can flexing their craigslist Dallas personals w4m muscles in front of ladies. Throughout a conversation which have ladies, Johnny are always check for ways to change the newest conversation as much as so they are speaking of your inside an enthusiastic efforts to help make the girl comprehend his positive qualities, even though this effort to do so exemplifies your due to the fact an effective narcissist. Johnny and additionally naively and you may faultily thinks that every female want him, even when they show the point that they are bored to death. For that reason, Johnny has the courage to talk to people girl instead of concern, as well as kisses you to through to appointment the girl on airplane pilot. Johnny is served by zero sense of private space, when he usually rushes during the female and you can curve him or her backward when you find yourself teasing using them, ultimately causing many of them to hit your of disgust. He actually sometimes flirts which have ladies who are usually for the a relationship, going so far as to point cheat without any anxiety about repercussions.

Various other attribute Johnny and has is significant dedication, when he will go through of many tasks, actually lifestyle-harmful ones, so you can earn a great women’s cardio, although this oftentimes causes failure. This type of failures are due to Johnny’s incompetence and his trust you to definitely visual appearance and you will manly procedures is actually enough to victory the center. Because of their shallow opinions with the dating, Johnny usually food prospective lovers instance “nagging homemaker” products or ignores their needs in favor of his own.

Even with their muscular stature, he or she is with ease beaten up because of the greater part of pets and you can anyone he activities. This might be because of multiple explanations, including the highest intensity of toxic substances and other ingredients in the muscles. Johnny’s diet plan contains mostly junk foods and you can meat (possibly drawn in bizarrely below average suggests, like sipping glasses of bacon grease), aside from dishes someone else may find unpleasant, like foods from Pops’ Moon Palace. His interest in instance eating more than likely originated in are given specific food of the his mommy, Bunny.

Johnny are made available to be not too wise, totally lacking commonsense and standard training. They can even be interpreted once the a male icon of your “stupid blonde” label. Their level of intelligence and you can immaturity can differ regarding for you personally to go out, occasionally depicted much more tall suggests than usual. They are also very gullible and easy so you’re able to prank, are known as good “bonehead” from the time he was children. According to a keen anthropologist, he could be much dumber than just a monkey. Regardless of this, Johnny commonly discussions within the a beneficial snarky, remarkable fashion and uses “big” conditions from time to time. Total, Johnny appears to be more experienced on his own interests than just academics or almost some thing the guy deems nerdy. For instance, Johnny has actually encyclopedic knowledge about Jerky Jake’s brand meat jerky. The guy has loads of understanding of Mr. Kevin’s Hair Solution due to bringing the facility journey a giant level of moments.