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Wrasse Compatibility Good morning helpers of seafood lovers

Competitive feeders can certainly outcompete her or him getting food, especially in the initial few months/months after addition

Australian Lineatus Wrasse step 3/ Hello All of the! Really my fire scallops are performing really. Blasted LFS didn’t have an id and i failed to find a keen id, are you aware of individuals who can want it shortly after it will become daf daten several” long? I hope they increases slow. Please manage know that achievements which have eg pet is mentioned in years, perhaps not days! Of numerous improper seafood succeed on interest. I’m sure a very well-known aquarist having a good napoleon wrasse within his reef tank! These build to a lot of foot long! One of them months I want to buy the things i think is this new ultimate goal from wrasses (included in this at the least, I enjoy wrasses! Yet not up to we are more developed on 180 hence we will be to invest in sooner than after (I hope!

Fellow seafood-companion Scott F

In addition to, which are the place criteria towards a fish such as this? Do I manage to continue a little one out of a good 33g propagation tank or do i need to wait for 180? I would not suggest remaining it in a good 33gal container. Why subject an animal you definitely control like large regard to below top criteria? Such fish is meagerly subject to parasites so that as a bit shy planktivores they often demand alive meals (no less than for a while). For people who pose a question to your LFS to purchase it for you, the desire tend to buy multiple, enabling you not only to to see it is health, however, to choose.

It is a whole other topic, but there are also a multitude of reasons to support your local stores. Your ever-loving fan, Morgan Bob Fenner ha nihongo wo hanasu? Best Regards, Adam><

– Compatibility – I was wondering if you think a yellowtail coris wrasse would be ok with a harlequin tusk wrasse; And if a blue tang would be ok with a achilles or Naso tang?

I am setting up a 150 gallon FOWLR tank and wanted to make it an aggressive species tank. I was wondering if it was possible to put a Green Bird Wrasse (or any other Wrasse like a Thalassoma or Halichoeres) with a Harlequin Tusk fish in my tank? I have read a few things about only one Wrasse per tank, but with a 150, is there a way to do 2? Which would be the best combo of these, which would be least likely to work out? If possible, which would you introduce first? Thank you Brendgol Majewski

What corals to keep with a bird wrasse – 1/ Hello crew, I have a 230 gallon FOWLR system which I am interested in converting into more of a reef set-up. What I mean by this is that I would like to keep shrimp, hermit crabs and snails (to clean algae), feather dusters, and easier corals such as colt corals and the like. My problem is I currently have 3 percula clowns, 1 yellow tang, 2 blue devil damsels, 1 majestic angel, 1 emperor angel, 1 green bird wrasse and 1 clown trigger. I know I would have to get rid of the clown trigger to keep some of the above, how about the green bird wrasse? Would the snails and hermit crabs clean the algae? Any other corals you might suggest? . Thanks